Zero waste fashion and metaverse for Dhruv Kapoor at his MFW show

Dhruv Kapoor’s eighth show at Milan Fashion Week focused on the ’70s revival with an eye to the future. From zero-waste products to exploring fashion in the metaverse, here’s everything you need to know about Dhruv Kapoor’s Soul Tech collection.

The showcase held at Milan Fashion Week AW 2022 is actually a sequel/second part of her collection, “Soul-Tech”. The collection is an introspection of self in relation to technology and finds a fitting place in Milan’s new center of Italian design, the ADI Design Museum. Dhruv Kapoor’s signature denim and acrylic aesthetic is paired with bold prints, inspired by the free-spirited ’70s. With the use of factory waste and exploration of the metaverse, the collection is truly a representation of the future.

Designer Dhruv Kapoor talks about his Soul-Tech collection at Milan Fashion Week

Tell us about your collection for Milan Fashion Week?

The brand represents an eclectic mix of soul science and technology. Soul Tech is a growing subculture with no beginning or end. It reflects our eternal existence. I am always excited to explore yogic science passed down through time and blend it with contemporary culture. Combine “old and new”, “maximum and minimum” and tap into my ideal target: body, mind and soul. We explore our origins where ‘unity’ is key, how everything is ‘energy’ and our ultimate goal in life – to find the source.

The collection explores poster prints, reminiscent of the 1970s and a boxy silhouette that’s mostly cinched at the waist. Asymmetric wallpaper patterns are present throughout the collection, whether printed or hand-embroidered by local artisans. The idea is always to make the mind and soul feel powerful – my favorite emotion to project through clothing with “love”. The collection uses a mix of fabrics, some custom made and some recycled from surplus landfills. All accessories are made from recycled leather and our plan is to introduce ‘zero waste’ products into the mix. We explore the versatility of each piece, promoting repeatability and different ways to style the same piece. Overall, we aim to honor, respect and clothe the soul as we enter the Age of Light.

What are the highlights of this collection and what makes them unique?

My personal favorites are the tailored coats and jackets with hand-embroidered vintage wallpaper pattern patches. The silhouette is square and the shoulders are wide – this shape is very exciting to work with and one can build around it. Classic shirts with detachable balloon cuffs are iconic, leather crossover belts and our new taffeta sweatpants are perfect for any occasion.

Tell us about the hard work that went into creating this collection.

More than hard work, it’s teamwork. I am nothing without my team. We work tirelessly until we are sure to project an idea. Lots of late nights, work weekends and negligible social outings haha. But I love spending time with my team, so we enjoy cruising through the busy working days. Finally, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the show…until we start the next one.

Your opinion on Indian representation at international fashion weeks?

I am very proud every time I see a name appear. There is a sense of pride, more like an emotion. Our country is full of talented and creative people. Each with their own story to tell. As global markets open up to international talent, there’s nothing better than sharing your talent with the world. I also think the global presence helps promote the extremely skilled Indian craftsmanship and negates the substandard labels that are sometimes seen as luxury goods made here. However, this aspect is changing rapidly.
In the end, it’s a BIG BOOST!

Your last collection at MFW explored the idea of ​​technology and the metaverse. What do you think is the future of fashion in the metaverse?

The current collection is an extension of the previous one. Personally, I think fashion is always excited about novelty and technology. Something refreshing or a new way to approach an older concept is very fascinating. Personally, however, I want to touch and feel the clothes, I want to wear them physically. It’s something I miss in the metaverse. Still, I’m excited to hear about future advancements.

All images: Courtesy of Dhruv Kapoor.

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