Loungefly mini backpack for my Disney trip + Photos

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  • On a recent trip to Disney, I finally tried using a Loungefly mini backpack as a playpen bag.
  • I had no idea how I was going to fit everything I needed in this little bag, but I used it for 10 days straight.
  • You can get Loungefly bags directly from Loungeflyin addition to shops like BoxLunch and Disney.

I don’t hide the fact that I’m kind of a Disney adult. I follow park blogs, help friends plan trips, and have been to parks many times.

If you spend a day at a Disney park, you’ll likely see people everywhere with a wide variety of Loungefly bags, plus more on sale at every store. However, I never fully understood the hype – until now.

Aesthetically, the backpacks are all super cute. The brand works with licenses for other top brands like Disney, Marvel, “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” to create colorful fan-inspired mini backpacks, wallets and shoulder bags.

All bags have limited runs, so once they’re gone, they’re gone, and they’re usually around $75. The backpacks are sold at Disney parks and a variety of online retailers like BoxLunch and 707 street; in addition to Loungefly’s current product line, the brand is also working with retailers to launch in-store exclusives.

Due to its size – the standard Loungefly backpack is only 10.5 x 9 x 4 inches – I was long put off by the product. I thought that no matter how beautiful some models were, there was no way such a small bag could hold everything I needed. After being convinced by my friends who love theirs, I decided to order my first Loungefly bag: this Marvel Winter Soldier-inspired backpack ($90).

Everything the Loungefly Mini Backpack Can Hold:

Loungefly Winter Soldier mini backpack filled with Minnie Mouse ears

I used the backpack on a recent trip to Disney World.

Angela Tricarico/Business Insider

I used my Loungefly bag for the first time on a 10 day trip to Walt Disney World. I also brought a full size backpack, as I still wasn’t convinced I would spend a day with the mini backpack, let alone the 10 days of the trip.

The backpack has a small inside pocket, plus a larger pocket on the outside of the bag. It’s made of faux leather that’s stiff enough to keep the shape of the backpack even when there’s nothing inside, but flexible enough to make it easy to dig around inside. One of my favorite aesthetic features is the lining, which is specifically tailored to the bag and different with each design.

Interior lining of the Loungefly Winter Soldier mini backpack

Close up of backpack lining details.

Angela Tricarico/Business Insider

I collected all the things that I usually put in my backpack for a day at a Disney park: phone chargers, bandages, a pill box, sunglasses and a pocket with my cards, medicine, a lip balm and a few other little things.

Once everything was in the bag, I still had room, so I added bike shorts and a “Bridgerton” paperback.

Loungefly Winter Soldier mini backpack next to everything I packed inside

Everything I could put in the backpack.

Angela Tricarico/Business Insider

I was surprised when everything was fine, with still a little extra space for the little souvenirs I bought throughout the day. I ended up using the Loungefly every day of the trip, and it didn’t kill my back like a larger backpack would – there was just enough in it so it wasn’t heavy, but with the extra space in something bigger, I probably would have carried more unnecessary stuff.

Disadvantages to consider:

Loungefly Winter Soldier mini backpack with items inside

Even with everything I found in there, I still had room for memories.

Angela Tricarico/Business Insider

If you are carrying stuff for more than one person, the Loungefly backpack may be too small to comfortably fit all the things you need. In my experience, it’s also not big enough to use as carry-on on travel days.

The bottom line

My recent trip made me a converted Loungefly. For people like me, who like subtle or not-so-subtle fandom references, Loungefly backpacks are a perfect combination of style and function.

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