Urban Outfitters Leather Sales Spark PETA’s Black Mud Dump

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March 22, 2022

Nicole Meyer 202-483-7382

philadelphia cream – PETA supporters wielding buckets proclaiming “Urban Outfitters: Dump Leather,” will gather outside the downtown Urban Outfitters store on Thursday and dump black mud on themselves to represent the environmental devastation caused by the leather industry. The action is part of The PETA Campaign calling on all Urban Outfitters Inc. brands to stop selling animal-derived materials, including leather.

When: Thursday, March 24, 12 p.m.

Or: Outside Urban Outfitters, 1627 Walnut St., Philadelphia

“Cows and calves lead short and miserable lives for leather bags and shoes, the production of which requires enormous amounts of energy and dangerous chemicals,” says Tracy Reiman, Executive Vice President of PETA US. . “PETA urges Urban Outfitters to meet the growing demand from Millennials and Gen Z for ethical and eco-friendly fashion and leather products.”

Leather production requires the use of 130 chemicals, including cyanide, and releases massive amounts of greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate catastrophe. Briefings by PETA entities revealed that cows were burned, electrocuted and beaten before slaughter for leather; workers tie crying alpacas to a rack in the alpaca fleece industry; workers beating sheep in the wool industry; sensitive goats suffering from bloody, gaping wounds mohair and cashmere operations; and the workers plucking handfuls of bird feathers to make down.

PETA US – whose motto says, in part, “animals are not ours to bear” – opposes speciesism, a supremacist worldview of man.

For more information, please visit PETA.org or follow the group on Twitter, FacebookWhere instagram.

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