Zoom on the Nike Dunk Low “Archeo Pink”

If you are a woman looking for sneakers, you should get the Nike Dunk Low Archeo Pink Sneakers. Like most of Nike’s past sneakers, these pink dunks use a two-color palette (pink and white). Its overlays are pink, while the upper leather base is white. The sneakers existed in the 1980s. However, Nike remodeled them to represent the theme of “pink power” to meet the needs of the current generation. Knowing the colors of sneakers is not enough. We need to understand what makes these sneakers attractive and comfortable. Here are some characteristics of these pink dunks.

Rubber soles

Its rubber soles serve many purposes, especially if you want to use these sneakers for running. First of all, they are non-slip. Sometimes you can run on muddy paths. As you know, mud is slippery. Its soles therefore offer your feet a firm grip on muddy surfaces so that you do not slip. Have your shoes ever broken while bending them? This usually happens when you hit an object, for example a ball. The force you kick bends the shoe. Therefore, the shoes break due to their continuous bending. Fortunately, the soles of these sneakers can withstand any force without breaking thanks to their firmness. Finally, its soles are good shock absorbers. As a walker or runner, you won’t feel the impact of the ground on your feet. Without the insoles, you would either experience foot pain or fatigue.

sock liner

For added comfort, the sneakers have liner socks. Liner socks cover the insole of your feet. First, liner socks prevent moisture from accumulating or entering our feet. Moisture on your feet can come from sweating or accidentally stepping on a puddle. If you leave your feet wet for longer, they may start to look wrinkled. Besides wrinkles in your skin, you could develop athlete’s foot. Also, wet feet cause foot odor due to the bacteria under your feet. They feed off the water on the skin and create acid, hence the bad smell. Liners also prevent your feet from overheating due to friction. Every time you walk, you rub your feet on the ground. If you walk continuously, you will feel a burning sensation under your feet as friction produces heat. Due to the heat, your feet start to develop blisters. Luckily, that can’t happen since these sneakers still have liners.

Perforations on the toe area

Perforations tend to be more common with brogues only sneakers. Nevertheless, the perforations serve the same purpose regardless of the type of shoes you wear. Nowadays, perforations are more aesthetic than functional. To achieve proper aesthetics, Nike strategically places the holes in a certain pattern in a particular area of ​​the shoe. For example, you can’t put perforations on shoes anyway; otherwise, they will look grotesque. In addition, the principle of less is more applies when setting up the perforations. Pink dunks contain enough perforations to keep them from looking awkward. In the past, perforations kept the wearer’s feet dry by wicking water away from the shoe. Yet the perforations in these sneakers wick water away from your shoe. We’ve already established the importance of keeping moisture away from your feet.

They are made from leather

Currently, there are many shoes on the market made from synthetic materials. It has always been believed that synthetic materials last longer than leather. They couldn’t be wrong anymore. First, they are durable due to their ability to stretch to conform to the feet of the wearer. Other synthetic materials broke when stretched. Its elasticity also makes these pink dunks comfortable to wear. To adapt to the size of your foot, they stretch. As for synthetic materials, they do not stretch. This therefore means that you will have to squeeze your feet into it. Such shoes will pinch your feet; something that leather does not. Foot odor is everyone’s concern. What if you were visiting family and had to take off your sneakers? Luckily, with these leather sneakers, there’s nothing to worry about. Leather is a breathable material because it contains pores. Pores allow air to circulate around your feet. When air enters the feet, they get rid of the air particles that cause foot odor. So you know which sneakers to buy for people prone to foot odor.

Cup sole construction

A cup sole refers to the outsole around the ball of your foot. Cup soles have been the subject of controversy for some time. Those who hate them claim they interfere with skating because they limit board feel and grip. However, since most people who wear sneakers are not skaters, they cannot relate to such issues. However, cup insoles are great for protecting your toes, heel, and sides of sneakers. They are able to do this because they have a high side wall. This explains why most football players use sneakers. For example, they can kick the ball as hard as they can without hurting themselves. With non-sneakers, you can feel the force of the ball on your feet as you kick them. Cup insoles work like liner socks, except you can’t remove cup insoles. Instead, the soles are glued to the leather upper. This process takes some time as it takes place in six steps. The process takes some time as it involves a lot of materials as well as sewing techniques.


As a woman, you can finally do a lot of things with ease with these pink dunks. It’s still tiring to walk around with stilettos all day. With these sneakers you can play sports or wear them with your casual clothes. Besides comfort, you can finally save many trips to the mall in search of sneakers. These sneakers last longer and never tear. Try to imagine the number of times your heel has broken while walking. Wasn’t the experience embarrassing? It meant you had to buy new shoes even if you weren’t ready to. Get the Nike Dunk Low Archeo Pink sneakers to save yourself from such inconvenience.

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