Men’s Style & Grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: wear the blues

Decoding the lead look

Hair: A fade that draws the eyes upward to reveal short spikes.

Eyebrows : Bushy and natural.

Confront: Mid-day stubble, fresh, clean and smooth skin.

Lips: Thick and extremely kissable.

Others: AIRISM by UNIQLO white half-sleeve knee-length t-shirt, navy blue shorts.

A classic color par excellence, navy blue dates back to 1748, when it took its name from the uniform worn by Britain’s Royal Navy. Color has a strong association with all things masculine and nautical. Cut through 2022, it has become the most dominant color of the year and by the end of this decade it will surpass both black and gray for men’s clothing, accessories and décor.

Preview of colors

Palette: Cold

Metallic match: Money

Complexion: Light to dark. It has the unique ability to compliment every skin tone type.

How to wear it

Navy blue works just as well on structured clothing (suits) as it does on comfort or casual clothing (athleisurewear), including casual wear, leisurewear and office wear. From jeans to sharp business suits, you can use it in a variety of tones and intensities.

A blue shirt is by far one of the most reliable items in our wardrobe. It can get us through mind-numbing meetings on Mondays or business meetings in the evening. Almost every man owns a pair of navy blue jeans and knows how to combine them with vests and t-shirts in the summer or long-sleeved boutiques, jackets and cardigans in the winter.

A navy blue suit is as important as a black suit. It can be worn just as easily in the office as it is for a formal evening. It allows you to wear a variety of shirts; white, gray and pastel blue.

Shorts, joggers and chinos in navy blue aren’t just sexy, they also give your hips, calves and legs a better shape. Being a dark color, navy blue has the advantage of making you look slimmer, taller and leaner all at the same time.


White is a classic high-contrast partner that sets off navy blue in a striking way. They complement each other and will give your look a clean and elegant nautical feel.

A plain white shirt or top paired with navy blue shorts, chinos or jeans is one of the best combinations you can pull off.

You can also pair navy blue with shades of gray, yellow, orange, pink, and sometimes red. Most pastels like sky blue, lemon, and saffron will also offset your look and create a subtle yet eye-catching contrast.

Choose navy blue to start building your wardrobe. This way you will have more styling options to add in a color, print or pattern.

With navy blue, most of you will find it easy to create ensembles and coordinates on your own, but here are two essential styling tips to follow:

1. Mix, match and contrast

You can choose to go tone on tone (very modern and highly recommended). Navy pants with a light blue shirt is a classic example of a tonal outfit.

Shades of gray and other shades of blue will give a very classic look. Make sure your look is put together aesthetically and tastefully. Keep in mind that one strong or bright color is better than wearing two together.

When pairing one navy blue item with another, make sure the two shades match perfectly. All colors can have a warm or cool undertone, so you need to make sure both blues are warm or cool.

2.Matching Solids and Prints

Navy blue is best as a solid color. If worn correctly and paired with complementary tones, it will give you an elegant and sophisticated look.

If you decide to wear prints, be sure not to overdo it. When in doubt, keep these two things in mind: small, subtle prints are always a safe option and you should never mix and match two different prints together. Pinstripes, although a bit outdated, are still a favorite option.

The essentials of your navy blue wardrobe:

1. A tank top

HARFUN’s smart and functional tank top is made with breathable microfiber fabric that’s soft on the skin and dries quickly.

This sporty fit sleeve top will work just as well with casual outfits as it does at the gym. You can wear it with jeans, shorts or joggers. Never tuck your tank top into your stockings.

2. The linen shirt

UNIQLO’s high-quality linen shirt has a regular collar and French front, making it ideal for summer and day-to-night wear

A soft and light shirt that you can wear for a hot date or an important business meeting. Roll up the sleeves when you want a more casual or casual look.

3.The long-sleeved top

The supima cotton long sleeve top from THE SOULED STORE is breathable, wrinkle resistant and ideal for casual wear

A long sleeve top in the summer helps you avoid tan lines when you’re on the go. Choose a round neck for better movement. Wear it with jeans, chinos or your favorite joggers.

4. The sweatshirt

This functional collar fleece sweatshirt from HARBOR 9 can be worn all year round and will protect you from both the wind and the scorching sun

A cozy and comfortable sweatshirt will keep you warm in any season. Ideal for casual wear and especially on a long drive or flight.


Navy blue works beautifully with black or gray shoes, belts and bags. However, you can also pair it with white and occasionally with brown. Classically, all dark colors work best with other dark-colored or sometimes bright-colored accessories.

The best navy blue accessories to own:

1.Smart Watches

The TIMEX FIT 2.0 Square Bluetooth Smartwatch has a large 1.72-inch screen and health features that monitor all your vital signs as well as sleep tracking.

A multifunctional smartwatch that lets you navigate your phone and keep track of your health and well-being is a must. Pick one that has a navy strap or dial so it can go with all your looks.

2. Shoes

The iconic LITERIDE collection ventilated casual clogs from CROCS are incredibly light, smart and durable

By far one of the trendiest shoes of the season, these amazing two-tone lace-up leather trainers and nautical sandals from JOE SHU are ideal for day, weekend or leisure and will perfectly enhance all your casual looks.

The iconic LITERIDE collection ventilated casual clogs from CROCS are incredibly light, smart and durable

In addition to opting for shoes that look good, make sure they are comfortable and match the dominant look or style of your wardrobe. This makes it easier for you to mix and match your shoes with your clothes and wear them for different occasions.

3. The men’s bag

PAUL ADAM’s eye-catching Ellison backpack has an art nouveau style with a painting of the Egyptian sun god, Ra by artist Swapnil Jagtap and doubles as a handbag or shoulder bag

A functional men’s bag that fits all your men’s essentials when you’re on the go. Always choose a roomy bag that has multiple pockets. To prevent your bag from deforming, never pack too much and make sure it stays light.

Life + Style

The marine used in interior decoration evokes nautical influences. Its dramatic hue captures the eye and brings out lighter or brighter colors. More than anything, it gives a royal touch to your bedroom, living room or office. A navy blue space will always have a calming effect on your mood.

Navy blue pairs well with earth-toned furniture. For a rich look, pair it with dark wood like mahogany. Or opt for oak or maple furniture, which will give a lighter look.

My advice : Navy blue tends to consume light. Use it sparingly if you don’t have an abundance of natural light flooding your space.

Three stylish ways to incorporate navy into your space:

1. Adorn the walls with rich navy blue wallpaper or art, perhaps offset with white or bright contrasting color hues.

The Vana Ink India wallpaper by RASEEL GUJRAL at CASA POP makes you feel both warm and nostalgic as it depicts a forest with trees and hand-painted animals.

My choice : This beautiful wallpaper is both subtle and striking and is sure to add more than just a decorative element to your walls. It has an extremely aesthetic interplay of color and dimension. Use it behind your bed, sofa or desk.

2. Add cushion covers or throws that offset a dull or neutral sofa or chair to add both character and style.

My choice : This luxurious pair of velvet and linen cushions, which have a distinct sense of style, will give a strong masculine look to your living or work space.

Cushion covers from the BOWIE collection designed by Iram Sultan of SUNDAY DESIGN in collaboration with Maison 15 will add design sensibility to your favorite sofa

3. Place rugs that will give a room a theme and bring it to life.

The hand tufted wool ocean rug from THE MINIMALIST EDIT collection by OBEETEE CARPETS will brighten up any dull hallway or passageway

My choice : This handcrafted rug was made by artisans using Serdian wool on a high-density weave cotton canvas. It has been washed twice to add both softness and shine. Evokes a seaside feel and looks as well as feels great.

The author is a consultant and trainer in image, style, grooming and etiquette.

From HT Brunch, April 23, 2022

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