Choose or Die 2 – What We Know So Far

The first “Choose or Die” had a bittersweet ending. Although the protagonist, Kayla (Iola Evans) has managed to survive CURS>R, the cursed text adventure game that forces players to choose horrific tortures for the people around them, she can never be truly free from it. . After speaking with her creator, Beck, she chooses to use CURS > R as punishment for those she feels deserve it. Thus, “Choose or Die” gives way to a second adventure. In an interview with Den of Geek, director Toby Meakins revealed that he definitely had the background material to back this up.

“We didn’t just write a feature script for this,” Meakins said. “We have this curse that goes back to when the first pilgrims went to America, when people were so hungry they dug up the bodies and ate the leather belts of those they buried. We even know where it came from in Europe. We know what we would like to do with the story moving forward with a prequel, sequel or even a TV show.”

Although Meakins has never revealed what his exact plans for a “Choose or Die” sequel might be, it’s not hard to see how a sequel might pan out. Along with learning more about the curse, we could see how Kayla’s retribution works and whether she would remain the hero despite using something so inherently evil.

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