The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, episode 7 recap – “Lemming Number Seven”


Mickey Haller has a game on him, I’ll give him that. Lincoln’s lawyer makes a bold choice, but will the creators cash in?

Lincoln’s lawyer summary of season 1, episode 7

The episode begins with Mickey asking Cisco to do something that can get his license revoked and possibly even a prison sentence. His answer ? “Who do you want me to kill?” This Cisco, it’s starting to rub off on me. I think he may be too good for Lorna. This scene leads us to understand why Mickey brought this up. He needs Cisco to investigate juror number seven because he was bribed. Cisco thinks that’s why Jerry was killed. Finally, since a crime is about to be committed, Mickey will have to report it to the judge when the jury deliberates. Mick also asks her to get information about Kosevich.

Cisco comes back later and has information on both. Before he does, Hayley asks him what it’s like for Cisco if she marries Lorna? His answer ? “Well, I’m the dad you call when you need to break someone’s legs.” Again, this Cisco suits me. As they enter the balcony (you’ll notice all of Michael Connelly’s heroes have a nice view in an LA house), he tells Mick what he found. The juror, Van Nys, is not an engineer. (You would think there may be a review board, or the prosecutor would have found out about this). Finally, Kosevich started in private banking but his hands in the Russian mafia, the GRU and even Putin.

It becomes apparent that Mick must ignore his ethical responsibilities because if he doesn’t and tells the judge about the tampering, he is putting his life and the lives of his friends and family in danger. Hell, you can always expect Mickey Haller to do the unexpected. It’s no coincidence that lawyers were called into Judge Stanton’s chambers to discuss Van Nys. He never showed up today. He was informed that someone had sent Judge Stanton a note stating that the juror was not who he claimed to be. The man who sits on the jury is not the real engineer. This man is at home and says he never received a jury summons.

Seriously, who screens the jurors for the city of Los Angeles?

The end

The episode ends with Mickey talking to Maggie on the phone. He stops in front of their house and looks out the window at his daughter and his ex-wife. As he drives off, he sees two men sitting in a truck. Both wear leather jackets and have tattoos all over their upper bodies. He watches them as he pulls his car alongside them, sitting in the same green truck we saw when Haller visited the Road Saints. He hired them to watch over his family.

Why? Because when Mickey left Trevor in that elevator and accused him of sending that note to the judge, he walked away and we saw his expression. He did it. Haller is now betting that the judge does not declare a mistrial and gets rid of his ethical obligation since the crime has not yet been committed.

But at what cost ?

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