Dylan Kain’s Vegan Organic Leather Range Eliminates Winemaking Waste

Magic happens when winemaking and fashion collide.

In one of my recurring daydreams, I’m curled up on a wooden porch, staring at the rolling hills below me. These hills are not just any mounds of earth; they are dotted with vines because of course I am a professional natural winemaker. I’m trampling on grapes in my sleep!

I know my gamay from my grenache and pet nats are my forte. I end the day with a drink made from my own sprawling vineyard. So wWhen two of my favorite worlds collide, magic happens. Dream life and reality; winemaking and fashion. Dylan Kainthe local brand of must-have accessories, embraces this merger with its first foray into vegan handbags.

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Your average vegan leather is not without its problems. Of course, no animals were harmed in the process (or at least not directly), but the harsh reality is that most alternatives are simply renamed plastic. Savvy marketers have made “leather” cool again with the transformation of polyurethane and PVC.

The idea sounds great, but in reality, these fabrics are made from petroleum-based inputs, which makes the manufacturing process toxic to workers and the environment (not to mention the use of limited carbon resources). fossil fuels). These coins are also a landfill disaster waiting to happen at the end of their life – returning to this earth they are not.

Branding something “vegan” can be in the moment and lead to quick sales, but is it really ethical or sustainable? As a truly c labelOmitted to durability and creating real impact, Dylan Kain is determined not to simply replace leather with plastic. Fortunately, options that don’t harm the planet or animals are becoming more standardized.

A plastic-free lifestyle, in every respect, is desirable and increasingly achievable. There are leather alternatives made from oranges, mushrooms, apples, kombucha, and pineapple, among other naturally-prone bases. Some are more viable than others.

“Bio-leather” is the generic term given to these materials; greener options that are produced in an environmentally friendly manner and can be disposed of without causing further harm.

In the age of repurpose and reuse, every peel, scrap, and scrap serves a purpose and has the potential to become something new. Thus, from our oenophile behaviors, another substitute has arrived at our doorstep. Dylan Kain has teamed up with Vegeathe brand’s choice vegan bio-leather.

Worldwide, 26 billion liters of wine are produced each year, 18% of which comes from Italy. Unsurprisingly, this is also the birthplace of Vegea. Developed by Milanese architect Francesco Merlino and biochemist Gianpiero Tessitore, its name reflects the fundamental reasons for its existence: vegan (veg) and Mother Earth (ea).

According to the label, for every 10 liters of wine produced, about 2.5 kilograms of waste remains, including seeds, skins and other green matter. From this amount of waste, Vegea creates a square meter of wine leather, transforming the trash of one (the winegrower) into the treasure of the other (ours).

Not only does it sound impressive to say “Have you seen my wine leather mini bag? but you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference. The resulting fabric is of high quality and feels beautiful, supple and smooth; it is solvent free, animal friendly and beautiful. (Vegea is also Reach compliant, strict European regulations that monitor all chemicals in a range of industries.)

The women’s-led brand’s introductory line offers two styles based on essential pieces: the LSC (to be used as a clutch, shoulder bag or wallet) and Mini Rodriguez. Black is a traditional and timeless colourway, while the second color available is aptly called Wine – a rich maroon reflecting a glass of Merlot by the fireplace. Additionally, you can choose between light gold or silver hardware.

For a while there, my hopes for sustainable fashion dimmed – things seemed to get a little too beige and safe. But fashion is supposed to be fun! We are meant to be inspired and excited, driven to spread messages and communicate through our choices. Now it’s easier to announce your passion for a good glass of red and support a greener fashion industry. You can literally wear your heart on your sleeve/arm.

This marks a step forward for Dylan Kain and shows us that he is one to watch as he continues to research alternative materials further and achieve his sustainability goals.

Even better, by jumping on the bio-leather bandwagon you can feel a little less guilty about your next drink. After all, you could carry the remains on your shoulder next season. Daydreams can come true.

To discover the new vegan collection, go to here.

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