I got married in a £3 wedding dress which I bought from a charity shop – I also bought my shoes there for £6

THIS thrifty woman walked down the aisle in a stunning white dress that cost just £3.12!

Jillian Lynch, 32, found her dress just a month before her wedding in May 2022 and was able to source her dress and shoes from a charity store.


Jillian Lynch smacks her hubby on their wedding dayCredit: Mercury
Jillian's stunning dress only cost her £3


Jillian’s stunning dress only cost her £3Credit: Mercury
With shoes too, the cost of her outfit comes down to less than £10


With shoes too, the cost of her outfit comes down to less than £10Credit: Mercury

In total, she spent £6.66 ($8) on her shoes, bringing her entire outfit to a total of £9.79 ($11.75).

She revealed that most of her guests had no idea her outfit cost so little.

She said: “It certainly wasn’t a secret, but I only told a few family members about it, so most of our guests thought it was a typical wedding dress.

“Most brides don’t go around the wedding telling everyone how much they spent and neither did I.

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“People who know me know that I save money.”

Jillian, who recently moved to Dallas, Texas, found her dress while living in Ohio.

She said: “My husband, who I don’t wish to name, and I originally planned to wear clothes we already own to get married.

“At first we didn’t want a ceremony or anything, we just planned to go to the courthouse on our anniversary.

“After speaking with friends and family it became clear that they should be involved, so we decided to have a small ceremony literally a month before our date.

“I immediately started looking in charity shops for something I could wear, that’s how I usually buy.”

Jillian revealed that she would have turned to traditional wedding dress shops if she hadn’t been able to find a dress at a charity shop.

She said: “It’s always difficult to save money with something specific in mind.

“Usually I would just go to a store and browse what they had, so it was a bit different.

“I was more worried about the shoes than the dress, as I wanted something formal but with a very low heel.

“I knew it wouldn’t be easy to find exactly what I envisioned.

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“If I couldn’t find anything I wanted, I probably would have taken a more traditional route.

“But I was very lucky and found the dress and the shoes in the same store, after four days of searching.”

Jillian cutting a cake with her husband


Jillian cutting a cake with her husbandCredit: Mercury
Gillian says guests had no idea how much her dress cost


Gillian says guests had no idea how much her dress costCredit: Mercury
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