I’m average height – these are the best outfits to cover bigger arms while still being glam for a night out

FINDING cute outfits that are both trendy and that you feel comfortable in can seem next to impossible, and it’s even worse if you’re a curvy girl.

It seems nothing in the high street stores is made with girls above a size eight in mind.


She shared the best outfits to wear if you don’t like showing off your arms1 credit

This average-sized fashionista took to TikTok to share how she manages to get around wearing stylish clothes but covering her arms, an area that many girls feel insecure about.

Christina Lagios showed off three stunning outfits that would be perfect for a boozy brunch or a pub crawl with friends.

She captioned the video: “How to cover your arms drink/bar edition.”

The first look is perfect if you’re not a fan of bright colors, she paired black denim skinny jeans with a lace crop top, by Ann Summers, adding an oversized leather jacket to cover her arms without compromising the style.

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the next look Christina shared featured a poofy pink long sleeve top, which she purchased from Pretty Little Thing.

The romantic-looking outfit highlights her neckline, which is usually one of the smallest parts of the body, but balances it all out thanks to the chic sleeves.

Christina wore ripped blue jeans with the look to make it a bit more casual.

Whether you like to show off your arms or not, everyone loves a good blazer.

Christina showed how she pulls it off in a pale green from Motel Rocks, wearing it with a plain black bodysuit and basic jeans.

The oversized blazer not only covers her arms but looks beyond stylish, the perfect head wrap for a night on the town.

Viewers of the clip loved the nifty tricks, with one saying, “Love the jackets and can’t wait to get them out!”

Another said: “How did you know this is the look I always go for?”

And a third wrote: “I needed it!”

The pink top looked so chic


The pink top looked so chic1 credit
The leather jacket added an edge to the look


The leather jacket added an edge to the look1 credit
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