Get the Cowgirl Barbie Look

Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

Westernwear, but make it Barbiecore.

Buckle up your rhinestone belt, dust off your fringe jacket and slip into your hot pink cowboy boots because western wear gets the Barbie treatment.

We’ve all seen the pictures by now. While filming the next live action Barbie film, Margot Robbie (who plays the titular doll) was pictured in a hot pink ’80s-style cowboy outfit complete with paisley bandana and star-shaped metallic detailing. The look has gone viral and now we all want to channel Barbie cowgirl this summer.

The vibrant aesthetic takes the character’s signature hot pink hyper-femininity and applies it to traditional cowboy attire like fringe, leather belts and flared pants. But don’t be fooled by its name: anyone, male or female, can participate in the trend. To see it come to life, look no further than the Calgary Stampede. Until July 17, the festival is like Canada’s western clothing runway. And this year, elements of Barbiecore could be seen in the crowd. Participants sport sparkly stetsons, brightly colored cowboy boots, sparkly makeup and hot pink lined bikinis.

The Barbie cowgirl look is attracting attention thanks to the hype surrounding the film (which will be released in 2023). But people have been reinventing traditional cowboy imagery for years. The cowboy aesthetic has been mainstream for a while now, with country-style boots and hats becoming a staple at TikTok #OOTDs, not just rodeos. Not to mention, Lil Nas X has been bringing fluid cowboy fashion to our feeds since his 2019 hit single. Old Town Road. Other stars have put their own stylish spin on the traditional country look in recent years, from Harry Styles to Lizzo to Cardi B.

While we might have expected Lil Nas X in a hot pink cowboy suit on the red carpet, this aesthetic is a stark departure from the cowboys of yore. In mainstream media, Western styles have always been dominated by the heterosexual white male cowboy archetype. But as hyper-feminine aesthetics like hot pink and sequins take over the trend, cowboy fashion is now a tool for experimental personal style.

Western fashion has officially become alternative (or should we say… there’s an alternative?), and cowboys and Barbies now live harmoniously together.

If you’re feeling inspired to try out the Barbie cowgirl aesthetic for yourself, browse the gallery below to see our wardrobe picks.

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