The Cariuma x Peanuts collaboration is all about mindfulness

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Another one adorable collab from our favorite eco-responsible shoe brand?! Good grief…

Good grief is right—cariumathe Brazil-based B-corp behind celebrity-endorsed sneakers, recently associated with Peanuts-yes, this Peanuts— for a limited-edition release inspired by mindfulness and connectivity. As if the W+G team needed another reason to stock up on more of their ridiculously comfortable and versatile trainers…

Centered around three messages, the “Take Care With Peanuts” collection encourages you to “Take Care of Yourselves,” “Take Care of Each Other,” and “Take Care of the Earth,” with none other than Snoopy at the center. Each shoe in the seven-piece capsule collection features one of two never-before-seen vignettes: Snoopy sprinting towards the surf, board in hand (“There’s nothing a good wave can’t solve, so when we need our dose of salt water and endorphins, catch us wherever the swell comes,” the website says), and Snoopy relaxes atop a tree, nearby Woodstock, enjoying nature.

Slow-living and self-care is what this minimalist collection is all about. And this time, it’s not just the shoes. While Cariuma is known for their buzzy shoe collaborations, they’re also releasing two similarly cartoonish tees for the first time, at $45 each. And yes, before you ask, they’re way cuter than Charlie Brown’s iconic black and yellow zigzag shirt, printed with the same vignettes as the shoes.

So what are you waiting for? Get the Schroeder ready and “pay attention” to your dancing feet with the limited-edition Cariuma x Peanuts collaboration. Pre-orders will ship by September 9.

“Take care of yourself” with the Cariuma x Peanuts collaboration

Peanuts Earth off-white t-shirt — $45.00

In this exclusive design, Snoopy stands atop a tree to watch the clouds while Woodstock admires a flower, honoring nature by simply being present with his surroundings. The tree moment is a nod to Cariuma’s internal reforestation program in which they plant two trees for every pair of shoes sold. Guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree… Also available in black and pink.

Peanuts Surf Pink T-shirt — $45.00

Surf, brah. Or, uh, beagle. Snoopy goes in pursuit of a gentle flow state in this vignette. It channels the Cariuma passion for being on and around water, which the brand reflects in its ocean-centric initiatives. The founders grew up steps from the ocean in Brazil, and their sneakers epitomize Californian cool, making surf-centric design a given. Yeah, he might not catch barrels but he’s in it for the chase’s sake. Also available in off-white and black.

Peanuts Surf Off-White Canvas – OCA Low – $89.00

Cariuma’s OCA Low is notoriously almost still sold out, accumulating waiting lists of thousands of people that we often honor. With a brand so committed to caring for the environment and a truly versatile design, how could it be otherwise? Their shape is already timeless, and the comic book reference no doubt is too – a fond memory that brings a smile to everyone around you. Best of all, the words “Take Care of Our Earth” are emblazoned on the inside panel of the shoe, so you have a reminder just for you. Also available in light pink, green and black, and available in the “Tree” print.

Off White Peanuts Earth Canvas – OCA High – $110.00

High tops are our priority, always, and these top our wish lists. The “Snoopy and Woodstock enjoying the great outdoors” vignette reminds us that it’s cool to care, and the extra ankle support is great for, you know, enjoying the great outdoors ourselves.

Peanuts Surf White Leather – Salvas – $110.00

Want the low-rise fit of the OCA with a little more support? Leather Salvas have you covered. Since they’re made of leather (ethically sourced leather, to boot), they’re a little thicker and more protective than canvas. And, of course, Snoopy doesn’t hurt either.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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