The 21 Best Sweaters for Women in 2022

Right now the weather is hot and muggy in most parts of the country. This probably means airy summer dresses and linen pants are at the forefront of your current wardrobe. But while it can be hard to look past the windy trends of summer, before you know it, the best time of year will be upon us, that is, the fall. Personally, I expect nothing more than the cool breeze and the trees changing color, but fall fashion especially excites me about the cooler temperatures of the season. There’s just something about fall styles that scream timelessness and chic — think leather jackets, ankle boots and maxi skirts. However, a fall wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without one of the best sweaters.

Sweaters are a fall staple for one simple reason: they’re easy to style. For example, you can throw on a cardigan over a maxi dress for an easy transitional look or just choose a graphic option paired with jeans and boots and then you’re good to go. Meanwhile, I tend to make a turtleneck, mini skirt and knee-high boots my go-to outfit all season long. I could go on and on about my love for sweaters and their endless style options, but at least I’m not the only one.

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