British wardrobe must-haves have been revealed – is yours on the list

Britain’s top 40 wardrobe must-haves have been revealed, including black jeans, a comfy jumper and a pair of Levi’s.

A survey of 2,000 adults found that 75% had clothes they “swear” they could style and dress up for different occasions.


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Cozy Oversized Sweaters Make The List


Cozy Oversized Sweaters Make The ListCredit: Getty

Leather jackets and linen shirts also made the list, along with nautical striped tops, culottes and the ever-popular “sliders.”

Many in Scotland have parkas stashed away in their closets, with almost four in 10 (39%) describing their style as casual.

And oversized hoodies and Nike trainers are both key elements of Welsh wardrobes – as more here have admitted to liking their summer style more than winter wear.

Nationally, others are turning to gym leggings and “long sleeves” – a shirt worn as a jacket – and more than four in 10 (43%) have a selection of “must have” outfits.

In fact, 31% even have a tried-and-true workout set, while 36% loved an item so much they bought it more than once.

But 24% admitted they buy items JUST to post them on social media, picking up their favorite outfit when ‘offline’.

The search was commissioned by clothing app Whering, who also created an interactive infographic displaying a breakdown of the results by UK region.

Bianca Rangecroft, Founder and CEO of the digital wardrobe service, said: “We have all these must-have items that we love to wear over and over again.

“Whether it’s because it goes with everything, can be dressed up for any season, or just fits well, our research shows there’s always an item people love to dress up in.

“But sometimes when we do that, the clothes in the back of the wardrobe can get lost or forgotten.”

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The study also found that comfort trumps style, as 47% describe their dress sense that way, while 38% take a “casual” approach to how they dress.

While only 12% opt for a ‘designer’ look and 14% would describe their outfits as ‘trendy’.

As a result, 58% think the wardrobe basics of 2022 are different from the styles worn in 2017.

It also emerged that half of the respondents often choose the clothes that are on top of the pile in their drawers.

And 82% will never, or only occasionally, rotate their wardrobe to dig up old outfits they’ve long forgotten.

As a result, 30% wear the same “loop” clothes.

Of those who bring neglected items to the front of their cupboards and drawers, a quarter will do so every two to six months.

But 11% mix things up every week, with 41% saying pulling out forgotten items makes them feel ‘new’.

Despite this, 36% of the typical adult wardrobe is made up of their essentials.

That leaves the other two-thirds rarely seeing the light of day, no matter what wardrobe change.

The research, conducted via OnePoll, found that more than one in 10 people never get rid of their tired old clothes, but the 88% who do have one on average three times a year.

Charity shops are the first stop for giving old clothes a second life, then recycling them and listing them on sites like eBay or Depop.

Bianca Rangecroft added: ‘It’s nice to have a little rotation of your wardrobe or a good cleaning to find those lost things.

“You might find that something you haven’t worn in years has made a comeback – and it’s time to show it off.”


  1. black jeans
  2. Cozy sweater
  3. Levi blue jeans
  4. polo shirt
  5. leather jacket
  6. Oversized sweater
  7. Jean jacket
  8. Nike sneakers
  9. Fitted white t-shirt
  10. chinos
  11. Oversized hoodie
  12. Long skirt
  13. linen shirt
  14. Top/sweater for DIY
  15. Converse sneakers
  16. Wrap dress
  17. Plaid/checkered shirt
  18. Flip flops
  19. Wide leg float pants/panties
  20. Nautical Stripe Top
  21. Oversized white t-shirt
  22. Shorts above the knee
  23. Oversized printed T-shirt
  24. Baseball cap or similar like snapbacks or flatpeak caps
  25. Dr. Martens boot
  26. Free/branded t-shirts for pajama tops
  27. Shirt with logo – like Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger
  28. Quilted down jacket
  29. denim skirt
  30. Woolen/knitted hat
  31. fluffy socks
  32. Parka
  33. Jacket (shirt that is worn like a jacket
  34. Floral trapeze skirt
  35. High waist sports leggings
  36. sports bra
  37. ‘Boyfriend’/oversized joggers
  38. Cap
  39. tank top
  40. Cursors
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