Unexpected glimpse of the new British Prime Minister | Liz Truss

Is there a correlation between the response to Monday’s word wheel in your (egocentric) print edition and the announcement of the new prime minister? If so, I might turn to the puzzle in the future for insight into notable events.
Vanessa Poulton
Glastonbury, Somerset

Regarding the advice in Helen Dunmore’s The Siege (Letters, September 2), my clearest memory from that book is of the woman finding a small leather purse in the back of her couch and boiling it for soup like a unexpected treat for his family. Since most handbags are now plastic, we may not be so lucky.
Marguerite Harris
Isleworth, London

No matter the inflation, rising fuel prices, rising interest rates and rising rents, my heart truly goes out to the poor souls who will have to pay almost £900 for a set of football stickers from the World Cup (inflation pushes the average Panini 2022 World Album fill cost of cup stickers to £870, 31 August). Why is the government doing nothing in the face of this outrage?
Martin Stallion
Braintree, Essex

Our local radio station has reported that there will be increased charges at a nearby crematorium. This is, they say, due to an increase in the cost of living. Surely a mistake?
Nigel Spencer
Hythe, Kent

Your marmalade readers should also turn to Marguerite Patten (Letters, September 2) for the best marmalade recipe, in which orange juice is added along with the sugar, ensuring the marmalade tastes fresh. .
Aviva Le Prevost
Groombridge, East Sussex

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