7 Best Weekend Bags for Women in 2022

A weekend bag is a wardrobe staple, and not just for travel. This versatile staple can take you to the gym, office, beach or park, and more. But to find the perfect weekend for your needs, you’ll need to think about how you’ll use it most often.

For example, if you are going to be transporting your laptop – whether to the office on a daily commute or to the airport on a work trip – you will need a support bag with a protective sleeve that will keep your tech safe and organized. If you’re going to be carrying clothes primarily — to the gym or on short trips — opt for a lightweight, unstructured duffel bag. If you primarily travel by plane with your bag, you will face more rigid size and dimension constraints. To find the best weekend bagswe considered a range of practical uses, as well as style and budget preferences.

The best weekend bags of 2022:

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Best Overall Weekend Bag

Dagne Dover

Landon Tote Bag

Material Neoprene (exterior)
Cut 16.5″ L x 9″ W x 11″ H

Best Value Weekend Bag


Travel Bag

Material Nylon
Cut 10.63″ x 21.65″ x 7.09″

Best Lightweight Weekend Bag

girlfriend collective

Provence Please Recycle Gym Bag

Material 100% recycled plastic bottles
Cut 19.5″x10″x10″

Best Backpack Style Weekend Bag


travel backpack

Material Not listed
Cut 11.8″ x 5.5″ x 18.1″

Best Weekend Bag Set

Graham tote and Lorimer fanny pack set

Material Nylon
Tote Size 12.6″ x 14.17″ x 6.5″
Banana bag 7.68″ x 11.02″ x 1.77″

Best Leather Weekend Bag

A way

The bag everywhere

Material Leather
Cut 16.3″ x 7.3″ x 10.2″

Best Durable Weekend Bag


The weekend

Material recycled plastic
Cut 13.8″ x 21.5″ x 8.9″
  • Is a weekend bag a hand luggage? Typically, weekend bags fit either in the overhead compartment or under the seat of an airplane. But that’s not always the case and if you’re traveling by air, don’t make assumptions: research your airline’s (and fare class’) specific requirements to make sure the bag you choose is safe to carry. carry.
  • How big should a weekend bag be? If you’re not traveling by plane, your bag can be any size you’re comfortable with and that fits your gear. If you are traveling by air, you will be limited by the airline’s carry-on size requirements. Generally, domestic airlines allow bags up to 22″ x 14″ x 9″ that fit in the overhead compartment.
  • What is the best material for a weekend bag? The answer to this question lies in your personal preferences and usage. An ultralight nylon bag may be ideal for those who need to travel light, but a more structured leather or even neoprene bag may create a more supportive and durable environment for protecting tech or other fragile cargo.

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