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After two moves, Dobie the parrot feels right at home in Rochester, according to owner Dave Dobmeyer, who is also happy to live here.

“I moved to Rochester in January,” he said. “My husband, Randy Schubring, has been here for years, but I worked and lived in Minneapolis. Last fall, I was lucky enough to find remote work as an attorney for a Des Moines-based company. So I moved to Med City and spent the last eight months acclimating to small town life. I love it.”

The same goes for her parrot, Dobmeyer said, noting that the household also includes two cats and two parakeets who also resided in Minneapolis first. Of Dobie’s route to Rochester, Dobmeyer explained.

“We flew to Louisiana during the pandemic, picked it up in Baton Rouge and flew back to Minneapolis. He loved Minneapolis, but now he and the budgies share a room together, our “bird room.” They talk to each other all the time,” he said.

Like Dobie, Dobmeyer added, Clarence and George made trips to Rochester to see Schubring.

“But now we’re all a flock in the same house,” he said.

Noting that Rochester is “quieter and less exciting, frankly” than Minneapolis, he added, “We spend less money on theater and the symphony.”

Please tell us about your style.

Traditional-modern. I like to wear clothes that allow me to pass for a lawyer without being likened to one. I’m never flashy. In my professional life, I have always loved traditional, quality men’s sport. But my husband, Randy, raised my fashion bar a bit by advising me on how to keep a traditional style without looking my age.

David Dobmeyer with his Meyer’s parrot, Dobie, Friday, Sept. 2, 2022, in Rochester.

Joe Ahlquist / Post Bulletin

Can you tell us a bit more about Randy’s influence and that of all the style icons?

Randy was my style consultant, so I guess I consider him an inspiration, but maybe not an icon. My style icons are Carey Grant and the early James Bonds – although their style is a bit dated now – their pants were too baggy and they wore them too high. I also admire women for their style – it’s a connection between (the actresses) Laura Linney and Vera Farmiga.

Does Dobie reflect your style?

Overall, Dobie isn’t the flashiest of parrots: he’s mostly dark brown with pops of yellow, green, and turquoise. My style is similarly understated, but you might notice something interesting or colorful if you take a look.

By the way, what about your parakeets?

Clarence always “wears” blue and George always “wears” green.

What do you wear when working from home and otherwise?

I only work from home so I often wear shorts with a dress shirt. I only got called once for my shorts. For recreation, I opt for the simple, but not sloppy. Light khaki shorts or pants with colorful, tapered, but not tight, shirts.

What do you hope your style communicates professionally and personally?

I would like to think that people see me as someone who pays attention to his style without being obsessed with it.

What is the most important component of your wardrobe?

My Allen Edmonds dress shoes. I love Allen Edmonds shoes as they are quality shoes at a reasonable price and their current range has some modern and stylish options. I also didn’t have to scour the internet for narrower shoes. I used to go to Allen Edmonds in downtown Minneapolis and they would order the shoe that would fit. I really don’t like shopping. I hope I can find a local source. Otherwise I will have to order online. But I much prefer to try the shoes in store. Returns are a real headache.

What should every well-dressed man have in his wardrobe?

Several pairs of nice casual pants; half a dozen well-fitting shirts of various colors and patterns; half a dozen casual shirts for all occasions that don’t require dry cleaning; at least one versatile suit – a shade of blue is best – a few colorful ties that are nice without being too expensive to knock over; and two high quality brown and black leather belts.

Do you sometimes wear bow ties? And do you ever incorporate pocket squares?

I like ties. Bow ties seem cliché for a lawyer. I do squares at very formal events. Fun colors and/or patterns are a must.

Your style - David Dobmeyer
David Dobmeyer on Friday, September 2, 2022 in Rochester.

Joe Ahlquist / Post Bulletin

Do you have a priceless sentimental item?

A pair of silver engraved cufflinks Randy and I picked out for our engagement.

Do you have a favorite watch?

No, but I love Randy’s Hamilton watch.

Your favorite season in terms of clothes?

Summer, summer, summer. I love unique shorts and short sleeve shirts. My favorite shirt is pink and adorned with little parrots.

Is there anything particularly “Minnesota” about your style?

My clothing choices are usually not visible. But I like to be noticed once in a while.

Favorite places to shop for clothes in Rochester or the cities?

I love downtown Hanny. In the past, I used to go to Heime (Haberdashery) in St. Paul.

Parting thoughts?

Only take fashion advice from someone who knows you inside out.

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