Durable Allbirds Pacer Tennis Sneakers

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  • Allbirds just launched their latest lifestyle sneaker inspired by classic court sneakers — the leader.
  • The sneaker is available in canvas and 100% vegan vegetable leather for $110 and $135 respectively.
  • See our review of the Canvas Allbirds Pacer and detailed images, below.

With releases like the Tree Flyer, Tree Dasher 2, Trail Runner SWT, and Adizero x Allbirds 2.94kg CO2e designed in conjunction with Adidas, it might seem like Allbirds are going full steam ahead with performance sneakers. But the brand best known for its casual and comfortable shoes is back with a new lifestyle model, launching today – the Pacer.

Designed by Allbirds VP of Design Ashley Comeaux, the Pacer takes the cut-and-sew construction of classic tennis sneakers that are now popular for casual wear. In true Allbirds fashion, the silhouette gets a modern update with eco-friendly materials, curved design lines and chunky midsoles.

For its initial release, the Pacer launches in two materials – Canvas ($110) and a limited edition 100% recycled vegan Vegan Leather ($135).

The Canvas version is available in Men’s and Women’s sizes in Natural Black, Natural White, Misty Beige and Thrive Teal. The Vegetable Leather version is available in Men’s and Women’s sizes in natural white and dreamy green.

Allbirds Cavnas Pacer in Black

A close up of the Allbirds Canvas Pacer in Natural Black.

Amir Ismael / Initiate

Why the Pacer sneaker is an essential design for Allbirds

Allbirds sent me the Canvas Pacer sneakers in natural black before launch and I’ve been wearing them for a few days now. I didn’t initially understand what Allbirds was trying to achieve with the design, but looking at all the styles I’ve tested over the years, it’s clear that Allbirds is no longer the small startup that needs to play safety with one or two popular styles.

Despite huge strides in performance innovation and sustainable material choices, many Allbirds sneakers look like an adaptation of the original Wool Runners. The Pacer, on the other hand, is an all-new silhouette and is easily the brand’s most unique design.

Allbirds Canvas Pacer in Black

Additional details include a two-tone outsole and heel accents.

Amir Ismael / Initiate

As a fan of ’80s and ’90s sneakers with cut and sew constructions, I’ve always felt that the seamless uppers found on most Allbirds silhouettes could be easily improved with more design elements. .

Although the initial releases are plain colorways, the Pacer’s silhouette leaves room for endless design possibilities like color blocking, contracted seams, and even additional lace options.

What the Allbirds Pacer looks like to wear

Allbirds Canvas Pacer

Amir wearing the Allbirds Canvas Pacer in natural black.

Amir Ismael / Initiate

On foot, the Allbirds Pacers are everything you’d expect from the brand’s lifestyle silhouette. The Canvas and Plant versions are considerably lightweight. Both styles feature eucalyptus fiber interiors, castor oil-based foam insoles, and sugar cane SweetFoam outsoles for added softness and comfort.

The midsoles have a little more camber than retro-inspired lifestyle models like the Wool Pipers, which depending on your feet may be more comfortable.

Size and fit

As with all Allbirds casual and lifestyle shoes, the Pacer is only available in full sizes. I’m usually an 8.5, so I took a size up to a 9. If you’re also between sizes, I recommend going up to the next size. It’s easier to tighten shoelaces or wear thicker socks for more room than to deal with shoes that are too tight.

If you prefer shoes offered in half sizes, check out one of Allbirds’ many performance sneakers like the Tree Dasher 2 or the Tree Flyer.

The bottom line

Overall, the Pacer sneaker is a welcome addition to the Allbirds’ ever-growing shoe collection.

At $110 for the Canvas version, they cost as much as the original Wool Runners. The Pacer is a great choice for anyone looking to add a fresh Allbirds style with a completely different aesthetic to their collection.

The retro-inspired silhouette isn’t as sporty as some of the latest performance models and it doesn’t have to be. Timeless cues and futuristic durability make them fun to wear and style for everyone.

Shop the Allbirds Canvas Pacer Collection here.

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