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As summer fades and fall approaches, some college students may have a simple question: what should I wear to keep up with this season’s trends? Here are some ideas to stay in style for the season:

Striped sweater

When fall arrives, a priority for students is to stay warm as they walk around campus. A great way to do this is to use a sweater. This season, many fashion publications are talking about striped sweaters in particular. The best part is that pairing a striped sweater is easy. It matches with jeans, leggings and skirts. Moreover, it is suitable for all genders and comes in a variety of styles such as pullovers, open front, turtleneck and cropped. Some potential places to find striped sweaters are Amazon, H&M, and Kohl’s.

Leather jackets

Leather is very common in cool weather and is a gender neutral trend. Now it is also a trend for this season. A leather jacket can go with any outfit and has a variety of styles. Many people assume that leather jackets are expensive, which is possible, but that’s not always the case. Some stores offer jackets in the range of $200 to $400, which makes people hesitant to buy one. However, many retail stores like Forever 21, Hollister, and H&M offer leatherette jackets for less than $100. Although not an authentic material, it still has the look of a genuine leather jacket.

Maxi/Midi Length Skirts

Fall is the season when people start dressing up, which means skirts aren’t an everyday item of clothing. However, a maxi or midi length skirt or dress is a trend this fall. It keeps that element of fluidity and femininity while covering your legs from cooler temperatures. Long skirts go perfectly with a solid color shirt and a jacket or sweater and long dresses are perfect to wear with a jacket or a cardigan. Some stores that would have a good selection would be Belk, TJ Maxx, and Old Navy.

Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets were out of style for a while, but now they’re making a comeback. A bomber jacket is usually oversized, gender neutral and comes in different styles. It’s an easy complement to jeans and a plain shirt or a graphic tee if there’s no pattern. A few stores that would be good places to look for one are H&M, Forever 21, and Kohl’s.

Top Handle Bags

For those who carry a handbag on a daily basis, handbags are the trend of the season. They come in a variety of sizes, so it works for anyone, no matter what one prefers. They also come in different colors if one wants to match it with an outfit or a neutral color to go with any outfit. Some good stores to visit include Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

cargo pants

Cargo pants are one of the top trends for fall 2022. It started to get popular when TikTok and social media influencers wore them in posts. Cargo pants are loose, provide comfort and have multiple pockets that make them practical. A great way to wear cargo pants would be with a plain shirt, crop top, or simple graphic tee. Some places that would be good places to buy them are Old Navy, Target, and Kohl’s.


Clogs are comfortable shoes that are easy to put on when you’re in a hurry. This fall, it’s the must-have shoe in the fashion world – the bigger, the better. They come in different colors, styles and designs. Clogs are the perfect pair of shoes to wear with jeans and a sweater, a long-sleeved shirt or a patterned t-shirt. Some stores that sell clogs are Target, Kohl’s, and Belk.

Prep school look

Fall is known as back-to-school season, so it’s no shocker for the kindergarten look. For girls, pleated skirts are the biggest piece of the preppy trend. It can be paired with a plain shirt to dress it up or add a graphic t-shirt to dress it up. Some stores to look for a pleated skirt are Rue 21, H&M and JCPenny. For men, a varsity jacket is the big prep school look. They come in different colors with different designs. Pairing a varsity jacket with a pair of jeans and a plain shirt would work, or wear it as your everyday coat. Guys can find one on Amazon, Target, and Rue 21.

Sherpa jackets

Although this trend is more for later this fall, as the winter chill sets in, sherpa jackets are coming into fashion. This jacket is the perfect balance between cute and comfortable. Although it can be used as an everyday jacket, sherpa jackets look extremely stylish with jeans and a plain shirt. A reasonably priced sherpa jacket can be found at Target, Amazon, and Forever 21.

A new season always brings new trends. Although there are more options this fall, these are just a few that will give students a stylish look.

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