Here’s what you need to know before buying a 2004 Lexus ES300

Lexus is one of the brands to turn to if you want a luxury sedan at a reasonable price. Its ES has just launched for the 2023 production year, offering plenty of specs, styles, and tech options. On top of that, the ES starts at $42,490, which is far less than its larger competitors are willing to accept (read Mercedes-Benz and Audi).

However, the price quoted may be unaffordable for many people during this scary global crisis. Lexus fans (and everyone else) looking to buy a luxury sedan on the cheap these days may find it more accessible to opt for older rides. Fortunately, the mentioned Lexus ES lineup is full of quality sedans that have aged well, but haven’t maintained an exorbitant price range. The 2004 Lexus ES300 is an example.

The first generation of the ES debuted alongside the LS400 and wore the ES250 badge. It was in production from 1989 to 1991. The second and third generations became the ES300 and received significant power and styling updates to meet 2000s standards. But if you’re not looking for a classic look from the 90s, these generations can feel a bit outdated.

The 2004 Lexus ES300 received a major facelift within the fourth generation to become more modern. With its sleek exterior, updated interior luxury, and plenty of other amenities, this vehicle is a solid choice even today. Here’s what you need to know before buying it.

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Get to know your future vehicle: the most important features of the 2004 Lexus ES300

With the introduction of the fourth generation of the ES300 in 2001, this sedan became much more luxurious and comfortable. The engine was the same as the second generation – a 3.0-liter DOHC V6 with 210 horsepower and 220 lb-ft of torque, although the five-speed automatic transmission was new and improved performance and experience. driving. The four-wheel independent suspension, optional adaptive variable suspension system, larger tires, front discs and some other components also received notable upgrades.

Compared to the Lexus ES300 models of the 90s, the 2001-2003 variants were much more dynamic and sculpted. Some significant aerodynamic advancements included a flat underbody and reshaped exterior mirrors. However, the styling upgrades weren’t all about performance. The aesthetic improvements were undeniable.

The fourth generation of the Lexus ES300 also offered more passenger space, better sound absorption and significant safety features. Anti-lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution, vehicle skid control system, and braking system were all new.

Now, for the 2004 model year, Lexus has increased the sedan’s performance by introducing a 3.3-liter V6 engine rated at 225 horsepower. Also called ES330, this variant has become faster and smoother on the road. Otherwise, the design remained the same except for leather seats with memory function, large side airbags and optional satellite navigation.

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Keep an eye out for these potential issues before buying the 2004 Lexus ES300

As mentioned, most models in this lineup have aged well, including the 2004 Lexus ES300. That’s actually their biggest selling point today, nearly 20 years after launch. Plus, these sedans don’t tend to get to the mechanics that often (except for regular maintenance), which is a good thing.

However, all machines have problems, and the 2004 Lexus ES300 is no exception. Since most rides you’ll find on the used car market will likely have over 100,000 miles under their belt, checking oil consumption is imperative. Also be aware of transmission skipping, which is a problem especially characteristic of older generations.

Otherwise, the 2004 Lexus ES300 may have issues like most other rides of the same age. As long as you do a thorough review before buying, you should be on the safe side.

How much will the 2004 Lexus ES300 cost you?

Now on to the best — the 2004 Lexus ES300 will set you back between $2,000 and $10,000. You’ll find most models at an average of $4,500. These will likely have mileage of around 150,000+ miles, and some may have minor accidents in their history. Still, 2004 Lexus ES300s at this price are usually very well preserved and have the proper paperwork to show it.

If you have a few extra dollars to add to your purchase, you can’t go wrong with the more expensive 2004 Lexus ES300s. These have fewer miles logged and may be in better condition. However, it can be difficult to find this sedan with less than 100,000 miles, and the high price isn’t really the only state guarantee.

All things considered, the 2004 Lexus ES300 won’t break the bank, and you have options. These sedans are widely available in the market and you should have no trouble finding the right one for you.

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