10 Best Superhero Halloween Costumes (That You Can Afford)

Halloween is the perfect time for superhero fans. They can walk out dressed as some of their favorite characters. The superhero costumes are also great because they’re very iconic, so partygoers won’t have to explain who they’re supposed to be every couple of minutes.

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The only downside to superhero costumes is that they can be difficult to obtain. Comic book or movie costumes can be convoluted or prohibitively expensive. Luckily, thanks to their relatively simple character designs, there are iconic superheroes that fans can dress up just as easily. Best of all, they can do it without breaking the bank with a movie-accurate cosplay outfit.

10/10 Superboy is easy to recreate with precision

Like most superheroes, Conner Kent has had a few different outfits over the years. However, his most iconic ensemble is a black T-shirt with the Superman logo on it and a pair of jeans. Since this costume has been featured in both Smallville and young justiceit’s safe to say that it will be somewhat recognizable.

Most people already have at least a pair of jeans, and superhero fans might already have a t-shirt with the Superman logo on it. Even if they don’t, the shirt can be found online from several sellers for just around $20.

9/10 The Wolverine movie is simple and recognizable

Although Wolverine comics often wear their signature yellow spandex, Fox Studios x-men the films took a different approach. The version of Wolverine Hugh Jackman depicted often wore simple clothing, relying more on his hairstyle and metal claws to make him stand out.

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Crafting a movie-accurate Wolverine costume can be as simple as tapping into a white tank top and grabbing some fake claws from a Spirit Halloween. Claws can also be purchased online for as little as $10. Add cheap dog tags and the costume is complete for no more than $40.

8/10 Deadpool just needs a mask

Because the Deadpool costume is functionally just a patterned spandex costume, it’s easy to find a good approximation online for around $50. However, if that’s a bit too expensive for a costume that can only be worn once, there’s an easy alternative.

Deadpool is a wackier character than most superheroes, and he’s been known to dress in a variety of different outfits. Even Ryan Reynold’s live-action version of Deadpool once sported a robe instead of his Ferris Bueller tribute costume. This has led many fans to simply wear a Deadpool mask with whatever outfit they choose, making dressing up as Deadpool as cheap as buying a $15 mask.

7/10 Clark Kent costumes are cheap and easy

Superman is easily one of the most recognizable superheroes out there, making him the perfect candidate for a Halloween costume. He’s also such an ambitious figure that many fans love dressing up as the Big Blue Boy Scout. However, fans might be put off by the bloated muscle pads and the $60 price of Superman costumes in Halloween stores.

Fans who want a more affordable Superman costume can dress up as Clark Kent instead. The image of Clark Kent ripping off his work clothes to reveal his Superman costume is iconic and easier to transform into a costume. Just put a Superman shirt under a button down shirt and keep the majority of the buttons open. This is an especially practical costume for fans who already wear glasses.

6/10 Rogue is a two stage costume

In the comics, Rogue has a fairly iconic look: brown leather jacket, green and yellow spandex, and green headband. But, like Wolverine, Snape’s look in the x-men movies is a little easier to make.

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Although not wearing the proper X-men uniform, Rogue dressed quite casually, usually opting to wear gloves to avoid accidentally hurting someone with his powers. A pair of long gloves coupled with his signature lock of white hair would be an acceptable Rogue costume and would likely cost around $20. Dressing in darker colors would help sell the look of the movies, or wearing green could be a nice homage to her comedic look.

5/10 Bro Thor can be DIYed at the thrift store

Bro Thor is Marvel’s official designation for Thor in End of Game after giving up being a superhero and deciding to drink beer and play Fortnite. During this part of the film, Thor dresses largely in stained pajamas and a robe or hoodie.

A quick trip to the local thrift store will likely reveal a few items that look quite similar to Thor’s civilian clothes, and the truly dedicated fans might even decide to make some authentic patches. A fake beard and long hair would help sell the look. While officially licensed barbs cost around $30, there are cheaper alternatives for around $10 that don’t have the Marvel logo attached.

4/10 She-Hulk can be done with minimal body paint

She-Hulk is a great costume for Halloween this year with the recent release of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney+. Fans who want to dress up as a superpowered lawyer will also have a fairly easy way to do so. Buy a tube of green body paint and simply cover any area that will be exposed.

As a lawyer, She-Hulk spends a lot of time in costume. That being said, fans might be hesitant to wear any of their formal attire when painting themselves green. She-Hulk also shows Jen in a variety of casual outfits, so really the clothes could be anything. Target sells green spray body paint for $3, so even if fans need a few bottles, they can potentially make this costume for less than $10.

3/10 Harley Quinn From Birds of prey Is cheaper than other Harley costumes

The bad marketing around Birds of prey and the disappointing box office may have been a disappointment for Warner Bros., but it has an edge. Official Harley costumes from the movie can be ordered from Party City for just $23. On top of that, Harley’s shirt can be purchased separately for just $11, giving fans the option to deck out a pair of cutouts they already own.

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To go the extra mile, fans can also opt for body paint for around $3 a bottle and temporary hair dye. However, with the shirt already saying “Harley Quinn” on it, there’s not too much work needed to narrow down what the costume is.

2/10 Luke Cage dresses casually

Hero For Hire’s most iconic comic book outfit Luke Cage is also incredibly easy to put together. It is simply a yellow T-shirt and blue jeans. If a fan looking to dress up in Cage doesn’t already have these two items, it wouldn’t cost more than around $30-40 depending on the quality of the clothing in question. However, a little extra expense may be justified, as these are just normal clothes that can be worn at any time.

If someone looking to dress like Luke Cage already has the necessary clothing, they can take the costume one step further by including his belt buckle. The belt buckle is available on eBay for around $15, which is a fair price to turn ordinary clothes into a Halloween costume.

1/10 Jessica Jones wears just jeans and a jacket

Jessica Jones is a great character and the star of the best season of Marvel TV ever to air. Fans hoping to dress up as a troubled private detective won’t have too much trouble getting the job done as Jessica’s outfit is relatively simple.

Although Jessica is used to dressing in more traditional superhero attire, more recent incarnations have followed her live-action portrayal more closely. Jessica usually wears a leather jacket over a T-shirt. Although leather jackets can be expensive, this is definitely an easy costume to put together for someone who already owns one.

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