Land Rover Series IIA by Everrati is an all-electric Restomod of a 60s icon

Everrati Automotive is a UK-based restoration company established in 2019 to bring vintage automobiles of yesteryear into an electrified future. Everrati began by replacing the most beautiful sports car in history, the Porsche 911, with an electric motor. The Ford GT40, a Le Mans icon, has also been electrified using kilowatt-hours rather than cubic inches. Now he gave the original land rovera true British icon, the EV treatment.

The Land Rover Series IIA, a true British classic since its inception 60 years ago, is considered one of the most accomplished off-road automobiles ever produced. Additionally, it set a precedent as the first commercially available four-wheel-drive car.

They gave each donor car a full restoration by Everrati’s team of engineers and craftsmen. They also include contemporary features like power steering and a leather interior. With regenerative braking, power management and cooling systems, a 60 kWh battery powers all four wheels.

They mainly made these vehicles for people who prefer to be environmentally conscious. And for those who want to save money on gas or do an in-depth analysis of their own carbon footprint. Many of the early classic attempts at electric vehicles repeatedly emphasized this fact. Whether you agree or not, it’s wonderful to see such treasures resurrected for use and enjoyment.

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Everrati Land Rover Series IIA has an electric heart

Such initiatives may offend traditional purists. It’s like ripping the soul out of a car to remove an internal combustion engine. However, in the case of Land Rover, they have breathed new life into the vehicle. One of the greatest engines of all time is hardly the original noisy 2.25-liter four-cylinder from a Series IIA. According to statistics, the initial Series II gasoline engine had only 70 horsepower. And it took 23 seconds to go from 0-60mph before hitting its top speed of 65mph.

That’s why Everrati’s single-engine modification provides a significant boost. Everrati gave the Series IIA modest numbers for an EV with 150 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque. So the feeling that the company’s current ‘redefined’ Land Rover Series IIA won’t raise as much controversy.

Kneeling down will allow you to examine the three individual batteries, which have a combined capacity of 60kWh. There is a main battery under the hood and two smaller ones under the side sills. In the real world, the battery can travel 125 miles. The only change was to the power plant. Everrati retained the car’s original transfer case and four-wheel drive.

In terms of battery charging, it takes less than eight hours with a 7kW wallbox, and it’s fine with a fast charger that can handle up to 100kW.

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Everrati Land Rover Series IIA Redesigned Interior

The interior has been completely re-trimmed to a higher standard, noticeably higher than it probably was when it first left the factory. Everrati has added many new features to the cabin to improve driver comfort and convenience. The interior has been redesigned and updated to meet modern demands.

Bridge of Weir, Scotland supplied high quality leather for the heated front seats. This allows for a comfortable ride for the driver and front passenger. Even the rear seats, equipped with front and rear lap belts for each passenger and which can be heated if necessary, are all covered in leather.

For items related to electric vehicles, they reused the original gauges. Apart from a few minor details, such as engine temperature and battery charge level, everything is simple and original as desired. For more interior storage space, it also retains the central trunk. In addition, a lever from the old manual gearbox that served as a selector for forward and reverse is still in place.

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Well-relaunched Land Rover Series IIA Restomod comes at a hefty price tag

Bulky, perhaps unwieldy and with a wonderful gruff personality, a Land Rover should radiate those qualities. This is exactly what Everrati’s interpretation is. While customers will have the choice of hood or fender mounted lights, they have also updated the stock headlights with much more powerful LED units.

The Land Rover also appears to be fairly stocked, save for a charging port installed where the gas cap once was and a subtle “EVERRATI” badging. With enough power to deliver decent performance, it will nevertheless handle admirably off-road.

In order to prevent rust, the frame is also galvanized. The company dismantles the original engine piece by piece, repairing and restoring each component as it goes. The Series IIA is by no means cheap, but if Everrati’s attention to detail approach is any indication, it represents good value for money. Once you take a look at the list of custom options, the price will be a minimum of $200,000 without tax adding the price of a donor car.

Sources: Everrati, Land Rover

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