Blake Shelton Steals Team Singer From Wife Gwen Stefani

For Blake Shelton, all is fair in love and war on “The Voice”.

In the second round of the Battle Rounds on Monday night, Shelton robbed Team Gwen singer Jay Allen, even after his wife Gwen Stefani indicated she wanted to save the singer for herself.

Allen was paired with fellow Team Gwen singer, Cara Brindisi, and the two performed a tender rendition of “Leather and Lace” by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley.

“Cara, your voice is just hypnotic,” Shelton said. “It’s so easy to get carried away with what you do, and I did.”

Coach John Legend raved about the “power” and “husky” of Allen’s voice. “It was just a little more compelling to me, so I would go with Jay,” he said.

Brindisi’s “soothing” voice won out, with Stefani declaring the winner of the 34-year-old battle. Stefani quickly followed through on that decision by hitting her “save” button, but Shelton was also keen to nab Allen for her team.

“I just wanted to confirm that you are a great singer,” Shelton said. “That’s what it’s about.”

In a shocking twist, Allen chose country music veteran Shelton to be his new coach, leaving Stefani “shaking” in frustration.

“It’s very rare to face your wife in a competition, but I’m the country on this show,” Shelton said. “The bad news is that we may have to go through marriage counseling.”

Here’s what else happened during Monday’s episode.

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Camila Cabello steals her ‘boyfriend’ Jaeden Luke from Team Blake

Bodie and Jaeden Luke, the vocalists of Team Blake, stole hearts with their acoustic reimagining of Justin Bieber’s electropop hit “As Long as You Love Me.”

“Bodie, you were even better than I remembered in your blind (audition),” coach Camila Cabello said. “Your races were crazy, then your belts were masterful. You were flawless.

Legend praised the versatility of Luke’s voice.

“(Your tone) has character and grit and depth and this haunting, floating vibe at the same time,” Legend said. “You’re like Superman: you can do anything with that voice.”

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In the end, Shelton picked bodie as the winner, but Cabello and Stefani each pressed their “steal” button for a chance to work with Luke.

The 22-year-old musician, who playfully sang Cabello during his blind audition, chose his TV girlfriend to be his new coach.

“I had to steal Jaeden. He’s someone who has this raw talent,” Cabello said. “He was a good boyfriend, because I would have broken up with him if he had chosen Gwen.”

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Camila Cabello is distressed by the “difficult decision” to eliminate the singer

Reina Ley and Grace Bello of Team Camila delivered a heartfelt performance of Cyndi Lauper’s power ballad “Time After Time.”

Stefani was floored by Ley’s vocal prowess and emotional delivery.

“Your voice is amazing. I was shocked,” Stefani told the 13-year-old singer. “Your tone is so warm and deep and rich. And I could feel you understood what the lyrics were doing and saying.

Meanwhile, Cabello gave Bello props for his radio-ready voice. “You have such a beautiful tone of voice,” she said. “I could just hear you on a pop record.”

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The decision proved agonizing for Cabello, who had already used his “save” and “steal” for the Battle Rounds.

“It’s the most terrible thing I’ve felt in all these battles,” Cabello said. “If I had a backup, none of you would come home.”

But Cabello ultimately opted to keep Ley on his team.

“It was such a difficult decision, but I had to keep Reina,” Cabello said. “It’s so impressive that at 13 she can have a voice like that (and) have control of it like that.”

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Gwen Stefani refuses to let go of the “beautiful” powerful singer

Team Gwen vocalists Destiny Leigh and Justin Aaron caused a stir with their cover of Mary J. Blige’s “No More Drama,” wowing coaches with their soulful vocals.

The legend raved about Leigh’s fiery stage presence.

“You were fun to watch, fun to listen to,” Legend said. “You brought so much energy and passion to the performance.”

Cabello praised the naturalness of Aaron’s voice.

“It’s not just the technical mastery you have of your voice. To me, that’s your tone,” Cabello said. “It’s like honey in my ears, and that’s what’s so special and can’t really be trained.”

Although Stefani declared Aaron the winner of the battle, both singers were winners in Stefani’s eyes. Shortly after kissing Leigh goodbye, Stefani pressed her “save” button, allowing her to keep the 19-year-old singer on her team.

“Honestly, you’re just a beautiful person,” Stefani told Leigh. “I really want to get to know you more.”

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