Mold: a candy and gift stand opens a covered market

But although the stand is new, the owner is a familiar face in the market.

Sarah Storey, owner of ‘Mojo’s Sweets and Gifts’ started working at Mold over 22 years ago.

She said: “I first started working in the open market and then my father, Maurice Storey, opened Josar’s stall in the covered market. The stall was initially in the ‘old location’ from the indoor market to what is now the current indoor market was built and we all moved.

“Dad and I worked together for a few years and the stall offered engraving, framing, custom frames, key cutting, handmade leather goods and more, but after a few years I decided to change careers and become a caregiver and dad continued on his own.

“Dad has now reached the time of his life when he talks about retiring and closing the stall (even if he continues to work), so I have decided, to continue the family business, to take over of dad on the Josar stall.”

Chef: There are a lot of sweets on offer. Many sweets are offered. (Picture: NewsQuest)

Sarah said that a few years ago there was a candy stall in the market, but then they opened a store out of town. So she decided that a candy and gift stall was again needed at the covered market.

She added: “My mum Janet and a friend help me on the stand as I am still working on the Josar stand, I also make the handcrafted leather goods that we sell. I also work on a few prototypes for other companies in So mold is a busy but exciting time right now.


Mold Mayor Councilor Haydn Jones visited Mojo’s Sweets and Gifts and said: ‘Sarah has a lovely selection of sweets with greeting cards, gift bags and wraps plus an assortment of ideas gifts, the stall is a great new addition to the busy covered market.

“It’s amazing what you can find in the domestic market, there are many choices like flowers and floral arrangements, CB radios, guitars and amplifiers, jewelry, bags and makeup, gifts and ornaments, sewing alterations and repairs, fresh fish, cell phone accessories and repairs and you can even take your dog for a grooming I’m also excited to hear that there will soon be another stand and I look forward to welcoming them to Mold as well.

Mojo’s Sweets and Gifts’ is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The leader:

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