I’m a royal style expert – these tips explain how Kate Middleton prevents blisters, panty lines and heels

Have you ever wondered how Kate Middleton always looks like the picture of perfection?

It turns out the Princess of Wales, 40, has a number of fashion tricks she uses to ensure she always looks flawless in public.


The Princess of Wales has a number of fashion tricks to achieve her lookCredit: Getty – Contributor
Royal fashion expert Miranda Holder revealed some of Kate's secrets


Royal fashion expert Miranda Holder revealed some of Kate’s secretsCredit: YouTube

Miranda Holder, royal fashion expert and celebrity stylist, has revealed some of Kate’s best style and beauty tips that help her put her best foot forward.

1) Get a good hole punch

Miranda said one item Kate’s stylist, Natasha Archer, will always keep in her hair kit, is a leather punch that can be used to ensure belts and shoe straps fit perfectly.

Miranda said: “Like all of us, Kate’s weight can fluctuate a bit, and her waistline can get even smaller, so being able to poke the odd extra hole to make sure she’s fully cinched can be a nice touch. invaluable for achieving the perfect figure. .

“Similarly, if a shoe is particularly high (and let’s face it, Kate has a great shoe), having an extra hole in the strap of the shoe to make it even more secure can be the difference between a guard moment -dress and wardrobe malfunction.”

2) Wear three different shoe sizes to prevent blisters

The Duchess of Cambridge buys three shoe sizes to avoid blisters when her feet swell, it has been revealed.

The mum-of-three bought her Jimmy Choo ‘Georgia’ pumps and ‘Vamp’ sandals in a UK size 5.5 or EU size 38.5.

However, it goes up to a size 6 – or 39 – for LK Bennett’s Agata sandals, and even to a size 5 – or 38 – for Rupert Sanderson shoes.

It was suggested by Hello! that she opts for her heeled sandals in larger sizes as she is more likely to wear them in the warmer months when her feet can swell.

It’s the same reason fabulous fashion expert Harriet Davey thinks Meghan is also opting for roomier heels.

“Celebs often go up a size or even two in the shoe department when they’re at an event or on the red carpet and it’s for a reason we can all relate to: to avoid blisters” , she explained.

Kate wears a range of shoe sizes for different conditions


Kate wears a range of shoe sizes for different conditionsCredit: Rex Features

3) Keep your chin parallel to the ground

Miranda shared a trick Kate uses to look stunning in every photo.

She said: ”Kate has just been trained to always keep her chin parallel to the floor.

“She doesn’t tilt it down, she doesn’t tilt it up – and that guarantees a flattering shot every time.”

4) Tame your hair with a hairnet

Have you ever wondered how Kate always looked immaculate, even with a high wind defeat?

Miranda said: “Look really closely and you’ll see she almost always wears a discreet hairnet, which keeps her thick, silky locks under control all day long.

“It’s a great hair trick, and hairnets are so good these days you can barely see them.”

The Princess of Wales has a clever trick to ensure her updos are perfect at all times


The Princess of Wales has a clever trick to ensure her updos are perfect at all timesCredit: Getty – Contributor

5) Customize clothes

Miranda said Kate is no stranger to altering her clothes to suit her needs.

She explained: “While many looks are bespoke, she will always have alterations to make if needed – a removed zipper here, a lowered hem there.

“Sarah Burton even added padding to the hips of her wedding dress to make her waist appear even slimmer.

“No matter the original cost, having your clothes altered to fit perfectly ensures you always look flawless.”

6) Non-slip tights to prevent shoes from slipping

The royal mum uses a handy hack to make sure her feet never slip out of the shoe and the tights don’t slide all over the place during an event.

Eagle-eyed fans have observed the Princess of Wales wearing sticky pads inside her heels on a number of occasions – and this little feature helps keep feet secure inside the shoes.

The best part? The brilliant fix doesn’t cost a fortune either – you can pick it up from your local high street for just £6.

John Lewis’ essential non-slip tights cost just over a fiver and come in a range of colors – black, tan and nude.

For more comfort, the tights have extra Lycra which gives them more elasticity.

7) Wear monochrome

Instead of wearing an array of colors, Kate has mastered dressing head-to-toe in a single shade.

Miranda continued, “It creates a bit of ‘royal drama’ and a striking visual effect so the princess can be easily spotted from afar.

“Plus, it’s incredibly lengthening and frame-flattering – a handy slimming trick we can all use.”

8) Never leave the house without trendy duct tape

Kate may have Natasha as her stylist, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have wardrobe issues.

Miranda said dress mistakes are mostly avoided with the “fashion ribbon” and called it “an essential royal handbag that easily stabilizes wayward collars, closes gaping legs, prevents hosiery from collapsing and can even help secure a slippery shoe”.

She said: “Once you try it, you won’t be able to do without it.”

9) Keep micellar water handy for makeup blunders

We’ve all been there, makeup can sometimes rub off on our collar or lapels throughout the day.

But for a princess of Kate’s caliber, designer clothes just aren’t an option.

Miranda said: “Keeping a small bottle of micellar water handy is an easy fix for makeup stains on clothes – just drop some on a tissue and the pigment will melt away before your eyes, restoring your outfit. in immaculate condition as you left the house in.

10) Wear leather insoles for comfort

We hardly see royals in anything other than heels.

But we all know how painful they can be, so how do they manage to wear them through long royal engagements – while keeping a smile fixed on their faces?

According to a Vanity Fair article – which was first published in 2015 but recently resurfaced – Kate uses Alice Bow insoles.

The brand’s website describes its leather insoles as “designed to cushion the ball of the foot and heels, while being thin enough to go unnoticed in any shoe.”

11) Seamless Underwear

Kate has a secret styling tip to ensure that no unsightly bra straps or panty lines are exposed.

According to royal etiquette expert Myka Meier, the royal relies on strapless, seamless underwear to give off a polished look.

Myka told Fabulous: “There are several options for hiding bra straps, one of which is a sewn-in bra.

“A second option is strapless shapewear, which is a piece that snaps at the bottom or has attached legs.

“You can buy them in almost any skin tone so they appear sheer and don’t show through clothing.”

Kate is said to make sure she never has bra straps on display in public by using tactical underwear


Kate is said to make sure she never has bra straps on display in public by using tactical underwearCredit: Splash News

12) Weighted Hemlines

Kate works hard to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions, and one secret to making sure her skirts and dresses look straight is to add weights to them.

It’s said to be common for royal women to add tiny weights in the hemlines of their outfits to ensure they hang perfectly – and to try to stop them blowing away in the wind.

The Queen was said to have circular lead curtain weights sewn into all of her handmade outfits, which measure an inch in diameter and weigh less than an ounce.

Royal designer, Stewart Parvin, told MailOnline: ‘I just put some weights in the hem of her dresses and coats and it makes them hang down beautifully.

Kate uses Alice Bow insoles for long walks in heels


Kate uses Alice Bow insoles for long walks in heelsCredit: Getty
Miranda said Kate was no stranger to altering her clothes to suit her needs


Miranda said Kate was no stranger to altering her clothes to suit her needsCredit: AFP
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